After church fun...

Gage and I enjoyed going to Sunday School by ourselves, while Daddy & Pawpaw were out of town... after church we headed to Schlotsky's for some lunch- BOY loves him some Schlotsky's! Momma does too!

After lunch, we played outside for a bit... we played with his Tonka truck, and golf club and don't forget scooping poop with his "shobel".

Funny side story: Around Halloween, I painted my nails a dark color, burgundy/brown. One morning Gage caught a glimpse of my painted finger nail and grabbed it. He looked at me confused, and looked at Ryan, then back at me, and said "POOP!". Gee, thanks Gage!

After his nap, we headed back outside to paint and color with markers. Fun day!


Halloween 2011

While Daddy was at "work" aka class, Gage helped Pawpaw hand out candy. He did well and listened closely to Pawpaw's instruction. Way to go Gage! I was super surprised that he wasn't too shy to hand out candy... but he did well and dropped a piece of candy in the kids bags.

When Daddy finished class we headed over to our Pastors house- he and his lovely wife have a little boy who is just a few months younger than Gage. They had a good time walking the neighborhood and Trick or Treating. Again, Gage surprised me and actually went up to the door, he didn't say anything except "dank dou" (thank you)!



Graves in Roswell is FAR from Jackson's Orchard in BG... but it was still nice to get out in the crisp air- pick out pumpkins, get fresh roasted green chile and see LOTS of tractors!