Happy Halloween!

Hopefully since his dress rehearsal didn't go so well, the real Halloween day/night will go much smoother! :)



Leaves are changing and falling quickly here. There are some of the most beautiful colored trees in Kentucky that I've ever seen. They are BRIGHT red and orange. Saturday, I snapped a couple of G in the front yard, then we went to Jackson's Orchard again. I only took pics driving down the hill though. Enjoy.


The Pena's do BG

The Pena's made the cross country trip to BG for Fall Break. We has SOOO much fun. On Friday they hung out in BG, but didn't get to do a whole lot due to the insane traffic here. But later that night WKU hosted Hilltopper Hysteria- the kickoff for the basketball season. Saturday, Gage and I went to Louisville with them and Ryan had to stay in BG for two-a-days. In Louisville, we ate some yummy food, went to the Louisville Slugger Museum, walked around downtown, drive across the state line to Indiana and stopped to see where the Kentucky Derby takes place, Churchill Downs. On Sunday, they went to Nashville, then flew back to TX Monday.

THANK YOU Pena clan for spending your Fall Break with us!

Who's next?!

Water baby

Gage man loves bath time... can you tell?


10 months!!!

Our little boy is 10 months old today!!! Time flies. Gage started his first daycare and was there for only 2 days and got a cold and an ear infection! Sheesh! Other than that, he's doing wonderful and is MORE than a joy to have in our home. We love you sweet boy!!!!!!!!

What he's up to:
-taking 4, 6oz bottles
-eating 3 meals a day
-taking about 2 naps a day
-wearing size 3 diapers
-he's 19 lbs, 29 inches
-he still has 6 teeth
-he's still a VERY happy guy
-we are still working on getting him to sleep through the night again, he does about 2 times a week
-he's pulling to stand and can scoot down the length of the couch or around the ottoman
-I still think he's close to saying 'mamma"

Honey does it Kentucky style

Honey came for a VERY nice visit. We had SO much fun. We did lots of things, mostly she did... she's our "Josephina"... the woman cooks, she cleans, she babysits, she does laundry, buys too many Gage sized clothes, and on and on and on.
One of the neatest things we did was visited Jackson's Orchard. The family orchard had so many fun things for kids... petting zoo, giant slide, maze, hay ride, etc. Gage enjoyed the petting zoo, pictures with pumpkins and watching other kids.
We miss you already Honey. We have some laundry that needs washed...