39 weeks & I'm posting an eviction notice...

Nothing to report... no changes signaling the kid will be exiting soon, unfortunately. I was told by my doctor that he's "about 8 lbs"- and he's not even showing one sign that he will be out soon--- ugh! "Home remedies" are all a lie- don't waste your time. I had to schedule another doctor appointment for Thursday, December 3rd... the day before my due date. That was depressing. It's been a rough week or so. Lots of tears. I'm just done. Tired of everything. Definitely loosing my sense of humor. Cannot wait to see and hold our baby. I REALLY hope this is the last pregnant photo you will see... I haven't gained any weight in about 3 weeks, so there's not much difference other than maybe my belly rounding out a bit. Ben is here and will be my other coach in the delivery room. He's camping out in the baby's room on an air mattress. VERY happy he is here. Hoping my next post is a announcing the birth of a little boy...

Thanksgiving 2009 in Austin

Being 38 weeks & 6 days pregnant, I obviously wasn't going anywhere for Thanksgiving... so my sweet in-laws, brother-in-law and Grandmommy-in-law came for a visit! We had wonderful food prepared by the women: turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, squash casserole, hash brown casserole, broccoli cheese casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls, relishes, butter milk pie, pumpkin pie and sweet tea. We had/have MUCH to be thankful for. We have a healthy baby boy coming at the greatest time of year, a roof over our heads, I have a great job, Ryan is attending graduate school at one of the best schools in the country and we have the best families anyone could ever pray for... just to list a few. Words can't measure how blessed we are. Ben made it in Thanksgiving evening and will remain until this little boy decides it's time to come out. Mom and Dad spent Thanksgiving in Alto, NM with Cali (the wonder poodle), and childless. I HATE not being with my parents during the holidays. I hate that I wasn't there to cook my dad a Thanksgiving meal. Hopefully next year. Other than that, Thanksgiving was great!


38 weeks and black is no longer slimming...

Hummm, well I guess black doesn't help you look thinner when you're 38 weeks pregnant. Oh well. Just get this kid outta me and NOW.

I continue to be utterly amazed by the bluntness of people and their rude has heck comments. Last night, I told Ryan I wanted to go to dinner, but that I didn't want to go inside a restaurant because I didn't want to see people staring at me or hear any comments. However, I heard Ben & Jerry's has a new ice cream called "Cake Batter" so I wanted to give it a whirl. So, we ran into the grocery store before going to the P. Terry's (burger joint) drive thru. At the check-out the guy behind me said, "That's definitely a girl!" I said quickly, "Nope! It's a boy!" He said, "Well, I thought girls were carried low and boys were higher up, but maybe I have that backwards. Well, you've managed the keep the weight off everywhere else!" I looked at him and said, "Yup, just a basketball." Really dude? What were you going to say if I had gained weight everywhere else including my ear lobes? Then what? Were you going to say, "Wow, you've really packed on the pounds?!" Sheesh.

I see why God makes the end of pregnancy so completely miserable... because by the end of it, you don't give a crap how much delivery will/could hurt, you're just ready for it to be OVER. Well, I'm there. Thank you Lord for blessing us with a precious baby boy... BUT I'm done. I'm over it. I'm ready. Little boy, begin your decent and NOW. Come out, come out, come out!!!


36 weeks & I'll do anything to get this kid OUT!!!

I know when you just opened my blog and saw this picture you thought, "HOLY CRAP!"... "GEEEZ"..."*(*@#(&?!"... that's okay, I thought the same thing when I saw this picture.

It's venting time: I swear, people really have no filter. People have no commonsense. Some people are just morons. Nothing really set me off today... just thinking of all the strange looks, gasps and comments I have received over the last 8+ months. Ryan and I were walking into Wal-Mart on Saturday night when two females walked past us, one of them turned to the other and in a voice that a deaf person could hear said, "WOW, she's definitely having a boy!". Really lady? I never knew pregnancy was supposed to affect your hearing, because I sure as hell can hear pretty darn well. Daily, I have women (the species which should be more sensitive than the male) asking me "woooooow, when are you due?"... "you are done aren't you!?"... "gosh, I bet you are ready, huh?"... "it's a boy isn't it?"... Ladies, rude people, wipe that shocked and horrified look off your face when you hear how much further I've got... it's NOT okay to ask strangers rude questions, especially pregnant ones who already feel like a friggin' cow. Yes, my belly looks like I have a watermelon patch growing inside of me... you think I don't already know that? You think I haven't noticed the 30-35 pound melon hanging off my abdomen? I guess not. Women who have made similar comments like the ones above (none that read this blog of course!!!) shame on you. Other than the guy that said "Gosh, when are you due? Looks like that baby is going to fall out!" the men have been much nicer to me these past few months... probably because (God bless em') they know nothing about pregnancy. They usually have comments that every sea monkey carrying chick wants to hear like, "oh wow, that's not long at all! You're almost done!". Thanks boys.

I will be 37 weeks on Friday. I go back to the doctor on Thursday... if something hasn't changed, I'm gonna... well, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I've already asked my dad to send me some petocin today- which he refused. It was worth a try.

I'm getting sick of posting bizarre looking pictures of myself, so I'd really appreciate it if this sweet little boy with the last name of Johnson, would kindly, and gently make his appearance ASAP so I can post pictures of HIM! I know you can't wait either- I don't blame you! Just keep your negative comments to yourself! =)