our little home in Austin...

Moving to Austin!!!

As most of you already know... Ryan got into graduate school @ UT Austin. He will be studying Clinical Exercise Physiology (a two year program). I was blessed to be able to transfer within the bank that I've been working @ for two years and have a wonderful job working as a Lending Assistant to two great loan officers. Ryan received an extremely generous gift (a scholarship out of Cisco) that will pay for his entire education @ UT. We are blessed beyond words. All of the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place @ the right times. We sold our home in Lubbock THE DAY before we moved (July 29th & 30th) and closed on it August 13th. We couldn't have done any of this without our family, friends and the Savior. It's not easy being so far from family, but the fact that everything else has been taken care of makes the road a little smoother.

Now the fun begins...

Ryan enjoyed driving the 26foot U-Haul! If you can imagine how BIG this thing is... we FILLED IT UP... plus our cars! Good thing we got Pugs and not Labs or Boxers, b/c they wouldn't have fit!

On the first leg of our trip, we left Lubbock Tuesday, July 29th and stayed the night @ Ryan's parents home in Cisco... then left bright & early for Austin on July 30th.

Our little 1955 (rental) home in Austin! Only 5-10 minutes from UT and my bank... can't get much better than that!

Our living room as you enter the front door. That doorway on the left is Ryan's office. We think it was a porch @ one time... but now is cedar lined and a great place for an office w/o taking up a bedroom!

Another view of the living room. The red room in the backgroud is the dining room.

Looking @ the front door.

Looking from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen.

Our stuff looks great with the red walls. All walls were painted by the owner.

Back to Ryan's office... @ the time of this picture it was a work in progress, however it is 90% finished now... so I will post some pics later.

Ryan's office again.

The pugs got to have a place too....

The pug bed! And they wanted to show you their basket of toys!

Our vintage kitchen-- yet with new appliances which is always a plus! Cooking on a gas stove is interesting... I think I am liking it though! Instant heat! However, I sure do miss my amazing kitchen in Lubbock terribly.

That door on the right leads to a "hallway" laundry room then the garage and the "backyard" on the right.... notice the lack of cabinets- and if you saw my house in Lubbock, this REALLY is a lack of cabinet space!

The back side of the kitchen... I had to buy the white bookshelf @ Ikea and use baskets for my pantry.

My little washroom & that door in the back goes to the one-car garage which smells like an old leaky basement. Blah.

Poor pugs... they went from a great backyard to this... haha. Actually there is a house built directly behind us- so we don't have a backyard, so we made due with what we had and Ryan bought a white picket fence on a roll that's only 2 feet tall, so the pugs have a little dog run. Since I took this picture we have expanded the pug yard... more pics to come later!

The hall bath that we use daily. Super cute with white subway and blue glass tiles and blue paint.

Ryan's favorite area... the toliet.

For Christmas last year, I had a lady do a pencil sketch of the pugs for Ryan... we hang it proudly... in the bathroom! haha...

Our bedroom... surprisingly, our KING sized bed fits here as well as our dressers and nightstands!

Pug corner.

Guest bedroom.

Guest bath that is attached... super cute.

Love the blue walls...

LOVE this corner sink... one of a kind!

Finally..... this is where I work everyday! I am going on my second year with PlainsCapital Bank (yes, it's written like that, I didn't forget the space) and we are so thankful for my job and how everything has fallen into place. I am a Lending Assistant for two loan officers. I work in Downtown Austin literally ONE block from the State Capitol Building! The building that I work in is called the Capitol Building & I work on the 6th floor. I park in the attached parking garage, so I don't have to walk through wind or rain storms anymore! I walk to lunch almost everyday with co-workers to restaurants on Congress Avenue (where the bank and Capitol are located)... it's pretty awesome... such a huge difference from ole' Lubbock, Texas---- but I sure do miss that place and the people in it. Austin is a melting pot for so many different kinds of people. It's a great place!

As you walk out of my building above and turn right... BAM! There's the Capitol! On Monday of this week, I actually went to the Capitol & ate lunch w/ a co-worker! They have a cafeteria in the basement. Such a neat place! Welcome to Austin!!!