26 weeks & I have a dinosaur egg in my belly!

Holy cow! My belly is one massive piece of art! It's shocking to see pictures of myself in the "condition" that I am in! However, it is also weird to see myself in old pictures when I am not pregnant. As you will notice, I have one heck of a protruding belly button! I tell people that if they push it, someone at Sonic just may in fact take your order. It's super weird!

This little boy is SUPER active! He flips and flops, punches and kicks, rolls and thumps all day long! Seems like a healthy little one baking in there! I know he loves my super spicy food that I still eat- he's going to come out wanting me to spike his bottles w/ Tabasco sauce! I have my next appointment on the 2nd of September, then I will start going every 2 weeks! THEN after October 14th (my last sonogram to measure how big he is), I will go every week! Wow, time flies when you're not barfing everyday. Speaking of... the barfing situation has definitely taken a turn for the better! I might only get sick maybe 1-2 times a week, yet still feel a little nauseated in the mornings. Overall, I feel pretty good. I should have no complaints.

I think I started a baby boom at work--- there are not 3 pregnant women at the bank! Fun times!

Gosh, we are super ready for this sweet baby to be here. We have the crib set up, but not yet the bedding... the armoire is ready to go... still need to get a chair/glider and a changing table/dresser. Still haven't decided on those last two items yet though. We've picked out and purchased the bedding. It is brown, green and blue. I HATE themes... mostly cheap looking themes like Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, Buzz Lightyear, dorky sports or animal themes (yes, I know some of these last two can be tastefully done) etc... but we went with some bedding that has cute frogs on it.

Dad came in for a visit to Austin last weekend. We had a great time... we enjoyed the best BBQ in the world- SaltLick, went outlet shopping, watched movies, ate Italian food and had some good times. The Johnson's will be coming in tonight for the weekend. Again, we are going to go to SaltLick (yummm) and do some baby shopping. Fun times to be had!

I broke it to my brother that I need him to be there with me when I deliver if my dad can't make it on time. He was a little freaked out, but once I explained that I needed someone to represent the Mooney's, he understood. It means a lot to me that he is willing to stand beside Ryan & I (without looking down below!) as I deliver my first baby. It's a huge, tough pill to swallow to accept that my mom can't be there to support me like I so badly want/need... and the likelihood that my dad can get away on short notice probably isn't an option either. Sometimes I can't imagine doing this on "my own" without my parents, but I guess if that's the cards I am dealt, then that's the way it's going to be- after all, I have THE BEST husband in the world that will be there. I also have the best (and I'm not just saying that b/c I know they will read this blog) in-laws in the world (who only live 3 hours away) that will be here. Life is life... it is what it is... (sigh)

I know I am blessed. Extremely Blessed.


22-23 weeks

(picture from 8/1/09 at Mason & Beth's wedding)

So, it's really nice to be on the back end of this whole pregnancy thing. It's nice to have less weeks to go than I've already completed. Like I said last time, I feel like I am growing by the second. Oy! I'm thinking he's going to be a big baby- Lord help me! Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I am just feeling huge and growing a lot since I barfed for the first 5 months? Or maybe it's because I'm in the middle to end of my 2nd trimester? Well, my belly button officially is out and proud. It looks like it never belonged inside. I was told that I "look like a cabbage patch doll". Other than the fact that you get such a gift of a baby at the end of it all- I wish pregnancy itself on no one. Next time, maybe I'll hire a surrogate? Ha- just kidding. Well, I've been feeling the baby move since around 18 weeks. But, this past week Baby Boy Johnson kicked it up a notch... not only do I feel his little jabs/thuds, but I feel like he's flipping around in there or something! I feel a thump in the middle of my belly, then right after I feel a thump on the right right. Crazy. Amazing. Entertaining. A miracle. Just plain nuts. Ryan can really feel the little boy moving around. Sometimes the little one is so strong Ryan thinks it's me and not the baby. Boy beats me up all day.

Funny, yet scary story: Last Thursday I was on my way home from work around 5:20pm. I was talking to Ryan and he told me that our crib had been delivered by the UPS guy around 4 or so. I asked him if he'd run get me Subway for when I got home. So, around 6pm I pulled in the parking lot and saw that Ryan's car was gone. I assumed he was getting my dinner. I walked in the front door and Sydney (black pug) was there to greet me. Was Lola? Nope. I asked Sydney where her sister was, but of course she didn't seem to understand. I asked where her daddy was and still got no response. Several minutes later, the front office of our apartments called me to tell me that they had Lola there. I said, "what!? Why is she there?" Well, apparently about 1.5-2 hours before when the crib was being delivered, Lola snuck out the front door!! She didn't have a collar or anything on. Wow. Pug doesn't know how good she has it here. When Ryan walked in the door with her, she trotted in like nothing ever happened. Not a care in the world. I still don't get how Ryan didn't notice that she was missing- oh well, she's okay.

I am off to New Mexico this weekend to see my parents. It's probably going to be the second to last trip that I make since I'm getting close to the end and NM is so far away. This chick is going to shed some tears when she leaves- it happens every time. I have the best parents and family, what can I say? I miss them.

Went to the doctor today for my check up. ONE more appointment in 4 weeks- then I start going every 2 weeks! THEN every week. THEN we have a baby! Whoot whoot! All is perfect with our baby. Praise the Lord. All blood tests have come back normal. Being thankful is an understatement.

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. A lot has happened in 3 years: We started out in our first little apartment, I started my first real job, we bought our first home, Ryan graduated from TTU, we sold our first home, we moved to Austin, Ryan started grad school at UT, I transferred with PCB to Austin, we rented a home, we found out we were having a baby, we moved to a new apartment, we found out it's a BOY... It's been the busiest, best 3 years of our lives. When you marry your best friend, life just can't get any better. There's much, much more in store for us. We don't know where God has planned for us to go, but we're on this road together with our pugs and our soon to be baby boy. Lord knows moving to Austin never crossed my mind. But here we are. I love it here. I don't want to leave (unless it's to be closer to family). I don't want to start over again. But I'll go where we are supposed to be- I might be crying the whole way, but I'll go. I love my Ryan and I would go anywhere with him.