I like to walk in my diaper

(for the dum dums: go to the bottom of the blog to pause the music so you can hear the videos)


Big & Honey

Big Daddy & Honey came for an awesome visit last weekend and were able to stay 5 nights and... cooked, cleaned, grocery & clothes shopped, played, babysat, read books, dropped off dry cleaning & shoe repairs, dealt with dirty and I mean dirty diapers, gave baths, dogsat, gave massages, hugged, laughed, cried (when they had to leave), etc, etc! Actually, Honey did all that, Big played with Gage. :) Oh, Big & Ryan drank coffee, lots, of coffee... that's just what the Johnson boys do! :)

WKU is finally on a 4 game winning streak, so they got to enjoy one of those home games. And, Gage enjoyed the game too... can you tell?

Bye Bye Baby

As you can see, we have a little boy on our hands...


"And I was WALKING!!!!............."

Ya... so my mom doesn't know how to turn the video upright...


Snow is white and so are my teeeeeth!

We've had a cold few weeks, or should I say months. We haven't been totally dumped on by snow yet (maybe before Christmas we did), but we have been dusted by snow many a time. This was Gage man and I in the house, staying warm, playing with our new camera.

Gage LOVES getting/having his teeth brushed... can you tell?



Loving my...

New crochet hats I got for my birthday from Avery!

My Harley from the Penas!

My toothbrush from my mom and dad!

My Ferrari tracksuit from my FGA and FGU and my Nike's from Aunt Sharon!



1 stroller
1 car seat
1 baby
2 adults
1 backpack
1 carry on
4 large suitcases
one hell of a good time