Just a few...

pics from Roswell.

FBC was very gracious to us and worked in the ceremony a time to dedicate Gage. It was so special and sweet. Pastor Matt is the best. I l.o.v.e.d. having my mom and dad there, and Ben of course and having it at the church that I grew up in! The wonderful Ashton Coll came over before church and took some special pictures of Gage and the family- which I will share soon.

OH MY GOSH, does he look like my dad in this picture or what!?!

This pic cracks me up with same look on their faces. My boys are so cute!

Okay, so this last one really makes me laugh... Gage and I were walking through Hobby Lobby when I ran across a ceramic pug! Can you tell he misses his sisters?
THANK YOU Big Daddy & Honey for keeping our girls!


I'm a Cowboy Baby...

These sweet boots I'm wearin'... aren't they cool?! They used to be my Uncle Ben's!


UT graduation!

It's so hard to believe that Ryan has graduated from UT graduate school. So hard to believe we've been here for just under 2 years. Hard to believe how quickly time flies.

We had a wonderful weekend full of family and good times. The party list included: Big Daddy, Honey, Pawpaw Lip, Ryan, Sara, Gage, Garrett, Ben, Aunt Sharon, Melissa, Andy, Emily, Jamie & Trent. Fun times!!!

I am so proud of Ryan and the hard work he put into his studies. He worked hard juggling school, working part time and caring for Gage part time AND putting up with me. I don't know how he did it, but he did it with a smile on his face... well, most of the time!

We love you Ryan. Thank you for working so hard for us!!!
...Sara & Gage

***Also, today, Ryan turned 25! Whoot, whoot! Happy Birthday Babe. You can now round up to 30 instead of rounding down to 20!

The next chapter? We don't know. Please pray for our (MY) patience.


(oh and ONE day I will take the time to figure out how to put these pics in order!)


Mother's Day...photo session... and prunes oh my!

Mother's Day was greeeat and sweet. Ryan got up a little early and laid on the couch so when Gage woke up, he wouldn't wake me, so I could sleep in a little. So sweet. I got a VERY sweet card, tickets to a concert and exhibit. Best Mother's Day with my special boys! Couldn't have been better!

Gage and I enjoyed a little photo session at home... as you can see he's quite a ham! He's so sweet and happy. Gosh I LOVE this little boy!

Today, we tried prunes for the first time. He didn't seem to mind at first, however, the further we got, the worse the faces got. Needless to day, I won't be buying prunes for him for a while. :)


5 months and making my heart smile!

As you will see in the following pictures and video, Gage is one happy little guy! He's SO sweet and fun. We are truly having the time of our lives.

What Gage is up to: now eating solids twice a day... cereal & a fruit for breakfast and cereal & a veggie for dinner... and about 5 bottles throughout the day as well... taking 3+ naps a day... goes to bed every night by 8pm & usually sleeps until 6am or later... wearing 3-6 months, & some 9 month rompers... wearing a size 2 diaper... starting to giggle more and more... rolling from back to front as well as front to back... starting to somewhat prop himself up when sitting, but is still pretty wobbly... still loves baths... loves walks in his stroller... smiles at the pugs... and much MUCH more.

Happy 5 months & Cinco de Mayo Gage!!!

(sorry the video is of low quality... we had to condense it to be able to upload it)