What a ham!

Gage never ceases to make me laugh. Here he is kicking back while eating dinner.

Jamie got Gage a Traditional Taiwanese hat when she visited her sis in Taiwan recently. Love it!

And, the last photo... that used to be Ryan's little gown that says on the back, "where little angel wings grow". Awww.


6 month photos....

(taken in Roswell by Ashton Coll- Images that Impact)


6 Months old!!!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again... time flies!!! It's amazing that with a blink of an eye (and no more sleeping in) that Gage is already 6 months old. He is absolutely the best baby I could ever ask for. He's so sweet and oh so happy.

Here's what he's been up to:
-got dedicated at mommy's hometown church, First Baptist Roswell on 5/30
-taking 5 or so, 6 ounce bottles a day
-takes 4 naps a day
-eating oatmeal cereal w/ a fruit in the morning
-eating rice cereal w/ a veggie in the evening
-rolling ALL over the living room
-still working on sitting up on his own
-cut first tooth 5/28 and second tooth 6/2
-still sleeping through the night from 7:30/8pm-6am
-continuing to love bath time w/ mommy
-never takes his eyes off his daddy
-smiling and petting the pugs
-puts feet in mouth
-went to the pool
-took my second trip on a plane
-starting to sleep on side
-enjoys reading a book

Date Night

For Mother's Day, Ryan got us tickets to see the Barenaked Ladies in concert. We went to dinner @ PF Changes downtown, then headed to the concert. It was a much needed date to say the least. Thank you Honey for taking care of our sweet Gage.