Meet, Cali- the wonder Poodle. Cali weighs no more than 2 pounds and is a SUPER wonderful dog and protects my mom. She sits with her day and night. She's a great dog. We discovered that likes to wear clothes... probably b/c she's strictly comprised of a rib cage- the clothes probably keep her warm. Cali came to us from Auschwitz.

Cali sporting her Pink Polo.... she has a closet (or gallon sized zip lock baggie) full of clothes, including an LSU jersey!

Schaefer's, Johnsons & Future Moore's do ATX!

Amanda & David, and Mason & Beth (Lucy & Ace the Jack Russells also came to play with Lola & Sydney) made a trip to Austin to visit this past weekend. Oh and what a weekend it was! SXSW (South By Southwest--- basically a music & film festival that brings some of God's strangest creatures to ATX) was going on... so it was an eventful weekend to say the least.

Friday night:
Our clan of 6 headed to Guero's (yum yum- a Great Mexican food place) for dinner... after a wonderful, fun dinner, we returned to our house to drop off our car and call a cab. Omar is the best cab driver in all of Austin! Our awesome cabbie dropped us off downtown--- we met up with Jamie & Erin (my 6th & Trinity friends!) and just had a fun night on 6th street. In the hour that it took us to finally find a cab to take us (Mason, Beth, Ryan & I) home, we experienced the following: we walked probably a mile, we laughed, we yelled @ each other, Beth & I thought we were going to get mugged, Ryan & Mason wanted to walk home along side I-35, Beth & I got yelled @ by the bell boy @ a hotel for trying to waive down a cab in front of the hotel, and when we FINALLY got into a cab it died so we had to wait again for another cab, then..... our cab finally showed up! It wasn't Omar. Can somebody say "child molester" or "murderer"? Wow, it was a scary ride home in the nasty Mexican blanket backseat lined cab. Ewww.

I LOVE the weekends and sleeping in! We finally rounded the boys up and headed to Einstein Bagel! My FAVORITE place of all time! After a very late "breakfast" we headed home to shower. David & Amanda met up with us @ the house... then the girls were off to shop! The boys stayed home and took care of 2 Jack Asses.... I mean Jack Russells..... and two Pugs. After a quick shopping experience, we girls headed to Pluckers for a snack.... Fried Pickles, Chips & Queso and Loaded Fries!
We had dinner reservations @ PF Changs for Beth's 25th Birthday!!! Wow, great choice Sara! =) It was AWESOME! They have a special right now where 2 can eat for $40... it includes: 1 appitizer, 2 soups, 2 entrees & 2 MINI desserts! We girls thought that the dessert size was perfect... however Mason said, "This is enough to piss me off!" Oooooh, Mason! After dinner, the Schaefer's went back to stay with family, and the rest of us picked up a couple movies and played Mad Gab! Great times! The Girls (Sara & Beth) won of course!

The Schaefer's headed home to Lubbock.
We took Mason & Beth to Juan in a Million for the "Don Juan" experience. Basically the best meal you will ever get for $3.60. It's potatoes, egg, cheese and bacon.... served with fresh tortillas, chips & GREAT salsa!!! After almost dominating his plate... Mason was short a tortilla... so, in FULL Mexican accent, he turned to Ryan with all seriousness and said, "You think we need more, Tortillas, No?" (Just think of a super Mexican saying "tortillas") HILARIOUS. We (Beth, Ryan & I) died laughing as Mason denied that he ever said it that way!

Well, and that's how it goes when Moore's, Schaefer's & Johnson's do ATX!


Oh Austin...

I got this email from a co-worker... pretty funny!


1) Your co-worker tells you he/she has 8 body piercings, but none are


2) You make around $100,000/year and still can't afford a house.

3) You never bother looking at the Capital Metro schedule because you

know the Capital Metro drivers have never seen it.

4) You've been to more than one baby shower that has two mothers and

a sperm donor.

5) You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are

grown and can taste the difference between Sumatran and Ethiopian.

6) A really great parking space can move you to tears.

7) You know that anyone wearing pants in November is just visiting from


8) Your child's 3rd grade teacher has two pierced ears, a nose ring

and, after your child tells you all of that, you still need to ask

if the teacher is Mr. Sunshine or Ms. Sunshine.

9) You are thinking of taking an continuing education evening class but

you can't decide among yoga, aromatherapy, conversational Mandarin

or a course on building your own web site.

10) A man walks down Guadalupe (the drag) in full leather regalia

complete with a speedo under chaps ...You don't notice.

11) You think any guy with a George Clooney haircut must be

visiting from the midwest.

12) You know that any woman with a George Clooney haircut is a


13) You keep a list of companies to boycott in your wallet.

14) Your hairdresser is straight, your plumber is gay, the woman

who delivers your mail is straight and your Mary Kay Lady is a

guy in drag.

15) You occasionally see a guy on a unicycle whiz by you in traffic

and you think to yourself, "Oh yeah, it's that guy again..."

16) You start to worry when you don't see the cross-dressing,

bearded guy in-a-tutu-and-bikini-top-who-has-made-a-statement-

with-his-grocery-cart-and-cardboard-box-art/shelter on your way

to work in the morning.

17) You make dinner plans around who's got the best margaritas.

18) You have a tough time deciding on one of Austin's seven 24-hour

eating options (IHOP, Denny's, Katz', Kerbey, Stars, Magnolia

Cafe or TaCa.)

19) You complain about their prices but still shop at Central Market

for the scene.

20) You know the exact locations of three towing yards.

21) Your summer shoes are your Birks and your winter shoes are your

Birks w/ socks.

22) Your entire wardrobe consists of: a black tank top, a GAP white

T-shirt, second-hand Levi's, second-hand cut-off Levi's, overalls,

Longhorns sweats, anything polyester from the 70's, a bikini,

Teva's, Birkenstocks, and running shoes.

23) Dressing up to go out for a woman means throwing a tank top on

over the sports bra you've had on all day b/c it's SO DAMN HOT.

24) You often find yourself wondering why magazine editors insist

that swimsuit season starts on Memorial Day when it's really the

end of February -or at the latest, the beginning of March.

25) You consider chips, salsa, Kerby Queso, and a Shiner Bock a well

balanced meal.

26) You find yourself making beaded necklaces to give away as

Christmas gifts.

27) 100 degrees for three straight months isn't unreasonable, 110

degrees is and 90 degrees anywhere between May and September

seems a little chilly.

28) When you go out, you make sure you've grabbed your water bottle

before checking to see if you've got your wallet and keys.

29) You don't mind parking a mile away as long as it's in the shade.

30) You'd rather ride your bike than get in a car without air

conditioning. At least on your bike, you're guaranteed a breeze

regardless of traffic.

31) You see more Texas flags flying than American flags.

32) Cubicles are no longer referred to as work spaces but way out

funky left brain meditation depositories.

33) The food at the company holiday party is all vegan, organic, soy

free, wheat free, dairy free.



After completing 6 months of chemo in December, my cousin, Jennifer finally had a scan today to see if there was any new growth, or even cancer @ all, and they found......................

She's cancer FREE!

Praise the Lord! We are SO very thankful! We cannot thank our friends and people we don't even know for their kind words and many prayers over these last 9 months. Please continue to pray for clear scans.
Thank you,

(fyi: If you don't know what I'm talking about... last June, my cousin Jen (Fanelli) Blann was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer @ the age of 35. She completed 6 months of chemotherapy in Dec.)



So, this past weekend I got to head to NM to see the parental units! Yay! I absolutely HATE leaving and I cry every time! It's like I'm back @ college or something. Blah!

Anyways, I had been begging my handicapped brother to meet me in Roswell- well, drove up to the house with dad- and poof... there Ben's truck was, sitting in the driveway! Thanks for coming bubba! Also, a big congrats to Ben- he was able to start walking again when we were in Roswell! He's doing great! Thanks for all the prayers!

Well, I flew in late Thursday night. Friday morning I met with Roswell Lumber (R.L.) since dad has unleashed me to demolish their kitchen and start from scratch. How fun is it to spend other people's money?! hehehe. Well, it obviously wasn't for my benefit... but I LOVE trying to get my dad a "good deal" although I don't know if he even cares... anyways, I've been begging him to let me "design" their kitchen- so, FINALLY it's happening (with the help of R.L.). Anyways, I finalized the plans on the layout, granite, cabinets, appliances, etc..... Can wait to see the final project!

To go along with of demolition of the Mooney home... dad decided to FINALLY give mom a well deserved NEW master bathroom! YAY! It's super awesome... and is being designed by a REAL designer. It's going to be AWESOME. Hopefully when I go home next in May- both the kitchen and the master bath will be unrecognizable!

This was the first time in a while that I didn't really get to see my friends. Well, I take that back... I got to see Marci & Aspen @ Burrito Express! Aspen (5 months) decided it would be funny to proceed to barf on the table and floor... then thought it was so funny when Sara began her uncontrollable gagging! Wow- don't know if I can handle a kid. I am weak. I admit it. =)

Well, I guess that's all for now...