mucus plug???!!!

Wow, I have a lot to learn. I am constantly being asked, "Sara, how do you not know this stuff when your dad is an OB/GYN!??"

So I was talking to a family member who is about to have a baby she she told me that she "lost her mucus plug"... I said, "what? A mucus plug?! Is that something that the doctor puts in? Or is that a body thing?"

If you don't know what it is, just Google it... but I'm sure you already know.

Wow. Yes, I know. I mean I've heard about people's water breaking and such, but I have NEVER heard of this mucus plug business.

Lordy, Lordy, it's going to be a long 4 more months!


16 weeks & I have a bump

So, literally we think that in the last week or two (or maybe even over night) all of a sudden I've developed a baby bump! Crazy. It's just nuts. I guess it's starting to feel real like I really am pregnant. Such a weird concept. I mean, I knew all I ever, EVER wanted was to be a mom. I wanted to be a mom and stay at home with my kids. Never did I dream of a "career". I know I'm pregnant, I know that there's a baby growing up a storm inside of me, but it's nuts thinking that all that is actually happening and NOW.

I don't know why, nor should I care (but for some reason I do), but I feel like people (that don't know me) are judging me, and thinking that I am some knocked up, single gal. I just want to say, NO people, I've been married for 3 years, notice the ring on my finger! None of them probably care either way.

I still haven't bought any maternity clothes... I have a stretchy band thing that I can wear over my pants so I can keep them unbuttoned. Since it's been the style for last couple years, I already have many of those flowy shirts... so that will work for me for a while. I HATE to think that I may have to buy some nasty elastic waisted, dorky pants that I will wear for only a couple months. This girl loves to shop, but not for maternity clothes. I will work with what I have for as long as I can- or just buy some more flowy shirts that I'd wear normally. People at work have started to notice and comment on my belly, which is odd. I always make sure to ask, "are you sure I don't just look fat"? If they think that, I still hope they'd tell me I just look pregnant. I am totally a tummy and side sleeper, but have noticed the last couple days that it's feeling weird or uncomfortable to be on my tummy. Welcome to pregnancy I guess. I always thought I'd love to be pregnant... truth is, humm, not to much. It's just so bizarre.

We were supposed to find out the sex of the baby on the 3rd of July, but that was pushed back to Monday, July 6th. Most importantly, they will check the organs and will take many measurements. We pray and trust that we have a healthy baby. Stay tuned.

Ryan is doing great, staying S-U-P-E-R busy with his internship. Boy puts in some hours. Way to go Rhino! I know that he's doing it for US, as a family, and I appreciate his hard work.

Lola and Sydney are doing good... they seem to enjoy their life of sleeping, snacks and our random trips. (They enjoyed last weekend at Lake Cisco... and yes, they must wear their life jackets!) We keep telling them they are going to be big sisters, but they just don't quite get it yet. =)

I plan to post my weekly belly pics from here on out, now that I actually have a belly. Really, it was almost non-existent up until the last week or two which is why this is my first pic! I still don't get that I've only gained ONE pound and I look like this!? Surely, there's pounding pouring on by now! Anyways... I'm out. I've got to go take off my jeans, I'm busting out of them!


Week 15

Went to the doctor last Thursday... everything looks good. Heart rate in the 150's. We find out on July 3rd if it's a HE or a SHE! Fun Stuff!

I got back yesterday from a girls weekend in San Antonio. I went with Mrs. Sheila, Aunt Sharon, Pattie and Beth. Beth and Mason are getting married August 1st in College Station... and this past weekend was her shower in San Antonio. We had SUCH a good time!

Ryan spent the weekend in at Lake Cisco with his dad and brother and had a good boys weekend.

After this upcoming lazy weekend we will be going and blowing for the rest of the summer! We will literally be out of town EVERY weekend... and somehow will be moving in between all that!

Knock on wood... but today I gagged once this morning, with VERY little to no barfing! WOO HOO! I sure made up for it in San Antonio though. I got sick Saturday night at the Italian restaurant and had to go back to the room... no fun. Much better now though! =)


Week 14

I figured I needed to blog even though not much is going on, plus I am coming up on week 15.
Nothing new to report. Still a little nauseated and getting sick in the morning at home. Usually I am feeling better at work once I start eating a little breakfast. Sydney, our little black Pug has been my barfing buddy through all of this. She usually comes and sits on the floor beside me as I have my face in the toilet. What a sweetie. Dogs are loyal creatures. My husband on the other hand stands at the door for about 5 seconds and asks if I need a hair tie. Ha ha. Thanks RJ. He has flushed the toilet for me a couple times while my face is in it- probably b/c it makes HIM sick looking at it.
Maybe one day you will look at my blog and I won't be talking about barf. I'm hoping so anyways...