Pawpaw comes to BG

Dad came for a nice 4 night visit. We saw 2 WKU games, ran lots and lots or errands and ate lots of foooood. We had a grand ole time. I ended up flying back with him to NM and spent the week in Roswell. Do you think I took pictures? Nope, not a single ONE... in NM that is. I took a couple when he was here and a couple on the plane. Way to go #1 mom. Way to go.

Yup, that would be a barf bag.

Learning all about the emergency exits.

Before the game I asked Dad to change Gage's diaper. Well, I quickly realized this was his FIRST Gage diaper change. Don't ask how he dodged the ball on that one for so long. Anyhoo, we are at the game, G is standing there holding onto the railing and Dad lifts up his shirt b/c his pants are sagging, and this is what we got. CRACK. A whole lotta crack. (I took this picture later at home.)