30 weeks & this egg is about to crack!

Whoa, big mamma alert!!! Watch out people. My belly is officially ridiculously large. It's one heck of a sight. I am astonished every time I see myself in the mirror. Amazing what the human body can do. Let's just hope this belly snaps back into place almost immediately after our little guy makes his entrance! If I don't fit back into my normal clothes when I got back to work after 6 or so weeks, I think I will have a nervous breakdown.

I have an appointment on Wednesday, then the next appointment in October will be our last sono--- I'll be about 34 weeks and they will do one last check of the baby's position and size. Let's just hope he's no 8 pounds at that point--- he sure feels that way right now.

Ryan and I did nothing but crack up all yesterday and last night... I swear the little guy was trying to punch a hole through my belly! He's crazy! I think he knows he makes us laugh, so he keeps it up!

Off to NM this weekend for our Roswell shower. Stay tuned for some shower pictures...


Little by little...

I painted & distressed our armoire...

Mom & Dad Mooney bought us a great dresser...

Mom & Dad Johnson bought us an awesome new crib and adorable bedding...

I created the curtain that you see... the bedding came w/ a valance- the green polka dot section at the bottom of the curtain. I am not a huge valance fan. I already had a chocolate brown curtain that happened to be a little short, so I got some handy hemming tape, and ironed on the new valance to the bottom of my existing curtain. I think it turned out pretty good...

I am wanting a fully upholstered glider/rocker- so hoping to get that soon...

We still need to get a mattress, but I couldn't stand the suspense and had to set up the bedding as much as I could...

Much more to do, but you get the idea. I'll post more pictures as things get completed. We have some amazing showers coming soon. We are SO blessed to have so many people that love us. This is SUCH an exciting time in our lives... thank you for sharing it with us. Looking forward to holding Baby J!

Lastly, we FINALLY decided on a name, yet we will continue to keep it a secret until Baby J arrives!


Being 26

So, I will turn 26 on Sunday. Wow. Hard to believe! My husband just turned 24 in May. Wow, I really am old. Don't worry, he constantly reminds me of that!

Well, at the bank, us girls do what we call "Birthday Club". For each girls birthday, we have either breakfast or lunch, and everyone brings a gift. Great times. They celebrated my birthday today since it will be on Sunday. What a fun group of girls I work with! Also, we got to wear jeans to work today, as well as our favorite team colors... I represented for TTU of course! Enjoy few pics of the fun...


28 weeks & I feel like a heifer! **warning: this is NOT an optical illusion!**

Wish I looked like this at 40 weeks- but we don't always get what we want now do we? I NEVER thought I would be this huge--- at least not until the END! I've gained 22+ lbs, all or most of which seems to be going straight to my gut. Hope that doesn't mean the baby will be a 20+ pounder! Yikes!

I took my glucose test this week- testing for gestational diabetes. Haven't received the results back, but I assume all is well. My next appointment is this Wednesday. Just the normal checkup. Still hard to believe that it's time for me to go in every 2 weeks! Wow!

I am still randomly barfing. Two days in a row so far and it's only Monday. Hope I'm not starting back a trend!

Ryan & I took a birthing class this past weekend at the hospital where the baby will be born- Seton Medical Center. It was worth taking, however, I thought they were going to show a live birth video... I thought that would help prepare Ryan for what he will see- but they didn't show any videos. Boys gonna have some wide eyes on that day! We are taking our infant CPR class in early October.

The baby's room is coming along. Can't wait to get it finished and definitely can't wait to have our little boy in there! Gosh, we are so excited and blessed. Life is grand and so is my belly!

Turtle Marathon 2009

The Roswell Runner's club puts on a fun run to honor my Mom. It is a benefit to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis on behalf of Liz Mooney. There was a great crowd- not sure how many, but a lot people came out. We had our usual sponsors; Kraft Law Firm, Subway, Dr. Jack & Linda Graham (my aunt and uncle), My dad, Rio Pecos OB-GYN, Roswell Runners Club, Sam's Club & Roswell Recreation Dept. The race includes a full marathon, 1/2 marathon, 5K run & 5K walk. I for SURE didn't participate this year... but after seeing my brother walk the 5K with his cane, maybe I should have! Dad ran the 1/2 marathon, then decided to show off and show how disgusting he was, he ALSO run the 5K. How sick is that!? Way to go dad- you 54 year old soon to be grandpaw! Ryan ran the 5K. My uncle Jim from Louisiana surprised us and drove in for the race and also ran the 5K.

Funny story: Sunday afternoon, Ryan decided to go golfing by himself. He played a couple holes, caught up with a local who was also playing by himself and started playing with him. Then, another guy came from behind and asked to play with Ryan and the local guy. Ryan just stared at him and said, "NO WAY!?" Well, it was my uncle Jim from Louisiana. What are the odds of running into my uncle from Louisiana, in Roswell on the golf course when neither of them knew the other was in town. Ryan had to keep it a secret that uncle Jim was in town though. It was a nice surprise to see him at the race the following morning.

Next year I hope to be running at least the 5K with my little boy in his stroller! Fun stuff!