Gage, gosh you're cute!

Enjoy some new pics of our sweet boy.

We enjoyed meeting up w/ Mason & Beth for dinner as they came through town. Gosh, we miss them! They FINALLY got to meet Gage. Good times w/ the Moore's!

*Thank you Mr. & Mrs. O for my cool "Lil Bully" outfit!... Mawmaw & Pawpaw Posey, as you can see, I Really Love my leather wing back chair!


Baby it's cold outside!

Since it was snowing like crazy, the bank closed today at 2pm, so I got to spend a couple extra hours today w/ my sweet boy! Isn't he sweet!?

Also, I found Gage like this in his crib this morning! Squirmy little boy!

From Gage: Thank you Miss Marci for my warm sweater and hat... Mrs. Kay & Mrs. Jenna for my blanket... and Honey for having my name stitched on it! I love it all!


Enjoying a gift

We were so overloaded when we tried to return to Austin after Christmas, that we couldn't fit all of our gifts in our SUV... NOT a Van Dad, it's an S-U-V!!! =) My dad brought the rest of the gifts Gage received at Christmas from he and mom. One of Gage's gifts was a UT folding chair. We propped Gage up in the chair and snapped a few shots. He's so precious. Man, we love this boy!

(Excuse the ugliness of my face)


Dad comes to ATX

Dad came to visit this weekend. He was planning on running in the Austin Marathon, but has had some problems with his feet, so he didn't participate, but he still came for a visit! Thanks for coming Dad... we sure enjoyed your visit and all the good food we ate! We miss you and Mom. See you soon!

Dad and Gage sporting their Harley gear...


Gettin' clean...

I give Gage his bath every night. We have a lot of fun. We talk a lot. We laugh. We smile. Sometimes he pees on me. Mostly we just have a grand ole time. Enjoy some "bath time with Gage" pics.