Honey came to visit Easter weekend and we had us some fun! Did the usual (and I'm talking about Honey): cleaning, reading books, cooking, REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT.

Starting my year of firsts... first Easter without Mom. "I can only imagine" what your first Easter in Heaven was like, Mom. Miss you everyday, all the time.

No peeps, this isn't Christmas morning, it's Easter... went a little overboard this year! :)

As you've seen on the news, we had us some storms, lots of them! Rain, rain and MORE rain. (which is why you see G riding his toys in the garage!)

Ride em' horsey!

G's new Bunny is from his Great Pawpaw and Mawmaw Posey. You press his hand, his cheeks light up and he sings, "here comes Peter Cottontail..."

Pugs walk babies, babies don't walk pugs!


Riding my 4-wheeler

More pics from Easter weekend to come.... later. :)


Playin' around

I thought Gage looked so cute on Sunday for church I sat him on this stool and told him to SMILE and this is what I got! Ha. What a sweetheart.

Gage with his new Crocs and Nike athletic shorts.

Poor thing, I made him wait 10 seconds so I could take a picture. He wanted to go outside SO bad.

Ryan teaching Gage to JUMP!



We had so much fun today at the Nashville Zoo. We saw lots of neat animals and things, but Gage's favorite part was the exhibit called, Unseen New World. This exhibit was indoors and housed the frogs, fish, spiders, snakes, etc.

After the zoo went to lunch @ CHIPOTLE. Yum. Yum. Yum! After that amazing lunch, we went shopping in Frankin. We had a GREEEAT family day with beautiful weather!

Gage hanging out at the Meerkats exhibit. They were behind this pane of glass and one kept running back and forth... you can see him to the left of Gage.

Loving Turtles...


There was an area where bamboo was grown and I thought it was the neatest things. So pretty!

Johnson familia.


Hummmm, he needs an orthodontist! Quite an underbite. Poor guy.