Christmas in Lubbock...

This year (like the previous 2 years) we went to Lubbock to spend part of Christmas with Ryan's family before heading to NM to see my parents and brother. We have been SO blessed this year, and we have so many things to be thankful for: our health, my wonderful job, Ryan's acceptance into UT, a generous academic scholarship, selling our home in Lubbock the DAY before we moved, our parents who have been so incredibly supportive of us, our pugs, our brothers, the rest of our family, our special friends and so many other things. Christmas is the time for giving, and thankfully we were able to give much more this year- and boy was it fun! It truly is much more fun and rewarding to give than receive. But wow, did we receive some gifts this year! Ryan's family goes ALL OUT and it was a blast! Enjoy a few photos of the Wilcoxen, Johnson, Pena, and Collier (newly married) Christmas 2008~


ooooh Ben!

Ben is doing so well. He has left Lubbock, and is staying in Roswell with my parents as he heals. He has a walker and will probably continue with the walker until February or so. He had 35 staples which were removed by our dad last night. Thank you all so much for the kind words of encouragement and prayers- my family is very grateful. We are so thankful for Ben's progress thus far. I can't wait to see my family at Christmas... I'm so thankful for them.
On a lighter, funnier side... check out Ben's staples! He posted this picture on his Facebook, so I figured I could post it on my blog as well. My dad titled the email as, "Ben's Butt".


Turkey, I mean Chicken time!

Since UT was playing A&M here in Austin, Ryan wanted to stay for the game. It was the Johnson familys turn for Thanksgiving, and we were very excited that Ryan's brother, parents and grandmother came for the feast! We had such a great time and I was so thankful that they came- especially Grandmommy! It was rough not being with my parents and not being able to cook them a meal, but Dad insisted that it was no biggie. I'll make it up to him @ Christmas when we go to Alto. So, about that "Turkey, I mean Chicken time" thing... well, since Ryan's mom hasn't cooked a turkey (she is totally a Great cook- I guess she just never learned how to do a turkey...) a nice lady from Cisco (Where Ryan's parents are from) made great chicken with dressing and gravy and homemade (I think it's disgusting any way it's done- so I didn't look @ it) cranberry sauce. We made all the other sides and stuffed ourselves throughout day. It was a great time! I'd post a picture--- but I am forgetting to break out the camera these days. Whoops!


Last Sunday (Nov. 30th), Ben was snowboarding with friends at Wolfe Creek in Colorado. He was doing some sort of jump, and went off an edge. He landed directly on a lightly snow covered log and broke his acetabulum. The acetabulum is the socket in the hip bone that receive the head of the thigh bone. Ben was airlifted from Wolfe Creek to Lubbock, TX (where he lives). We are extremely thankful that this accident was not any worse than it already was. He could have easily been killed. I was talking with my Aunt Linda, who has been at his side from day one, and she was saying, "ya know, God isn't done with Ben." I reminded her that he has been hit by a car TWICE while on a bicycle. Once when he was 7 and once when he was 14. Ben had surgery Tuesday morning in Lubbock. The surgery lasted about 6-7 hours, and he has been given 7 units of blood (it's typical that a patient can loose a lot of blood during this surgery). Another time, God was in control. The doctor said his break looked like he feel off the top of a building or was in a terrible car accident- and that's scary to hear. He is up and moving around. He cannot put any weight on his hurt leg for 3 months. It's going to be a slow, painful healing process. But if anyone can do it- Ben sure can. He's a tough one. Dad has been able to break away from Roswell twice this week to go see him. Unfortunately, with me being 6 hours away now, it's difficult that I can't just jump in the car and be at his side. I am so thankful Aunt Linda is there with him. I also have a sweet friend that's in medical school and is located at UMC- where Ben is, so she is able to stop by daily. Ben also has a great friend , Ryan, that was with him during the accident and is still with him. We haven't really heard when he will be able to go home... it will probably be several more days at least. We appreciate everyone sweet comments and prayers. I am so thankful to have a brother, especially him.