Ryan's bringing home the bacon..... Sara fries it in the pan!

My sweet UT student with his Leon Maner scholarship check!!! Way to go Ryan! No student loans for us!!!


Yearbook pics!

So, my best friend Jamie turned me onto this HILARIOUS website called yearbookyourself.com.
You find a picture of yourself, upload it to this site and let the fun begin. It shows what you would look like from 1950 all the way to 2000. Check out how hot we are...

Ryan 1976!

Sara 1952


it's a pug life!

Let it be GREEN...

Check out the pugs new hi-tech fieldturf! It was leftover from a workout facility... so Ryan took it and thought he'd see if it would fit and it was perfect! Hilarious! Instant GREEN! No water needed!

To really appreciate it... you HAVE to be reminded of what the pugs were dealing with before... what parent wouldn't want the best for their children?


This is just outside the door to the pugs "yard"

Looking back @ the house/side door.

We don't think the pugs can remember their backyard in Luboock, and that's good thing... b/c Lola already has issues! he he he.

There's Sydney enjoying her little yard! Our house is on the left and the garage apartment thing is in the back.