The Lone Star state

On a very last minute decision, we took off to Texas to see Ryan's parents. This was Ryan's last opportunity to head back that way before the season started. We had a GREAT time.


Having fun

Gage, Gager, Gagey... whatever you want to call him, he's a blast!

Here's a run down of the last week:

Garrett & Jayln came for a visit...

I crawl quicker than the speed of light!

I am learning to stand with help...

I love to kick my feet up!

My mom is convinced I can now say, "mamma!"

I love playing with my dad.

I'm close to having 4 teeth on the top!


Mooney boys take on Kentucky

Dad, Uncle Wayne and Uncle Jim rode their Harley's in this intense summer heat across the country to hang out with us in BG. Thank you for coming!!! We had SUCH a great time. Their activities consisted of: LOTS of greasy food, Corvette Museum tour, driving around BG, viewing our new home, Lost River Cave boat ride, tour through Mammoth Cave, tour of WKU campus and basketball facility, etc...
I know it's been said a bagillion times, but can someone say Gage looks like a Mooney?!


Happy 4 years to us & 8 months to Gage!

Today marks 4 years since Ryan and I got married. Today also marks 8 months since our son was born. What an exciting day!

Those 4 years have been eventful to say the least. A partial recap: Ryan completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees, I've had 5 jobs @ the same company, we've lived in 3 apartments, rented one home, lived in a hotel, bought 2 homes (we will close on one @ the end of this month), lived in 3 cities and 2 states, but the biggest blessing of all... Gage! Gage brightens our every day. He makes us laugh and also makes us cry (only happy tears so far). He amazes us every day on how quickly he changes. He is so excited about life and learning new things. We are so blessed with where the Lord has brought us and are thankful that we trusted His plan for our life. For many more happy, loving memories to come...

What Gage is up to:
-he's crawling!!!
-has pulled up to his knees once
-has become quite independent and wants to feed himself
-he prefers regular food to baby food
-responds well to his name
-smiles and squeals!
-cut his two top teeth, and now has a total of 4 teeth
-loves the grocery store and sits in the cart well
-hates getting in his car seat- we will probably go to a big boy car seat soon
-LOVES the pool
-still takes 6 oz bottles but can handle 8 oz bottles
-he loves baby yogurt, eat lunch and dinner between bottles
-LOVES his daddy and playing "super Gage!"