Pool party

Our neighbors little boy had a birthday party last weekend- they had 3 inflatables, a pool and corn hole (aka bean bag toss). Gage had a blast! He ate his first cupcake and had some ice cream. Happy boy? Yup, I think so!

Pre-game protein shake with Dadda.

Oh, those LIPS! They are ALWAYS puckered out.


18 months!!!

It's hard to believe our precious Gage is 18 months old today! I can't believe I gave birth to him 1 1/2 years ago! Where did the time go?! The amount of joy and happiness Gage brings to our home can't be measured. He's full of personality. We hear him in the mornings in his crib saying: "cah-cah" and "airpane". Ha! I'm SO thankful for our sweet boy. Can't believe the Lord trusted US with this little boy!

Things Gage is up to these days:
-Wearing 12-18 month or 18-24 month shirts and 6-12 month shorts! Skinny boy with a big head, so basically he's like a lollipop.
-Size 4 and 5 shoe
-Size 3 diaper
-Weighs about 22 lbs (his appt is later this month)
-Sometimes he's a picky eater and sometimes he'll eat anything
-He LOVES his dadda
-What he's saying: cah-cah (car), airpane, shush (shoes), daaa (dog), dadda, mamma, pawpaw, owshide (outside), juish (juice), cacka (cracker), fishhh, eyesh (eyes), etc....
-animal sounds: cow, dog, cat, frog, lion, duck, etc....