Taking a walk, or a ride in the park

As you know Lola is quite a character. After walking about 1/2 a mile, she had had it! She literally was about to stop breathing, so Ryan came up with the idea of letting her hitch a ride on Gage's stroller. Sydney was a champ as usual. Enjoy a laugh as we did!

(GOOD God FLORENCE my legs are WHITE. Sorry, put on your sunglasses! I'm going to get spray tanned this week. My apologies!)


Gage's First Easter

He is Risen. He is Risen indeed!

I never really knew how much my parents loved me, until I had Gage. And, I never truly knew how much the Father could possibly love me, until I had my own child. Wow, it's completely amazing.

...And our hearts are FULL of joy!

I never thought I could love anyone the way I love you. You overflow our hearts with an unbelievable amount joy and giddiness. I get so warm and fuzzy every time I get to see you and rush to get home from work every day so I can hold you, laugh with you, play with you, feed you, and so much more. I LOVE our special bath time together... we have so much fun. I love how happy you are. It's SO exciting to see you grow and change every day. I love you my sweet boy.


Wienie roast

Easter weekend we headed to Cisco (more pics to come soon... hint hint HONEY!). We enjoyed a weinie roast at the Johnson pasture. We shot guns, we ate chips, walked around the "tank" aka pond, laughed, hit lots of bumps in the jeep and ate chili dogs. Fun times. This was the first time Gage has been to the pasture. He did great and enjoyed looking around! Easter Sunday pics to come soon...


4 months old...

Hard to believe how fast time flies by.

Couldn't be happier or prouder or more excited about little Gage.

He's the best and he makes me smile.

I cannot wait to get out of work every day, so I can rush home to see and squeeze him.

I love you Gage!