A precious gift...

Gage Matthew Johnson arrived on 12-5-2009 in Austin, TX at Seton Medical Center via c-section. He was 9 lbs, 1 oz and 22 inches long. We couldn't be more ecstatic, blessed or thankful.

I began having contractions on Friday evening, December 4th (my due date). I tracked them for an hour, with contractions coming every 3 minutes. We were admitted to the hospital around 9pm. We were joined by Ben, Jamie and Ryan's parents. It was a long night, and short story is, I spiked a high fever, pushed for 1.5 hours and Gage wasn't coming out. The doctor decided a c-section was the only way our little guy was going to come out. I also ended up having an infection in my uterus and was given 3 antibiotics during my hospital stay. Most importantly and thankfully, Gage was a perfectly healthy big boy. We stayed at the hospital for a total of 4 nights. We were greeted at the hospital by Aunt Sharon, Marcia, Melissa, Andy and Little Emily. Sheila aka "Honey" has been wonderful and has been staying with us cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and dishes and helping out with Gage. What a relief! Thank you Honey! We love you!!!

Yesterday we took Gage to his first doctor's appointment and the doctor said he looks wonderful! Thank you Jesus for our sweet Gage.

More to come later, just wanted to get out a little update as well as some pictures!
Thank you for your sweet comments, thoughts and prayers.
Ryan, Sara & Gage.


40 weeks

Today is my due date. I have completed my last day of work- only working 1/2 a day. I am very uncomfortable to say the least. I'm at home, relaxing until Baby Boy J arrives. If I don't have the baby this weekend, I have an appointment on Monday at which time I will beg for an induction. Hope to post some baby pics soon of our precious little boy.

Please pray for us as we complete this last leg of my pregnancy. Lots of emotions to go around. Please pray for a healthy baby boy, safe delivery and recovery for us both.