3 month photos

Taken by the wonderful Ashton Coll in Roswell.


Enjoying the sun with our son

So the weather in ATX has been anything but enjoyable lately... so when today was a GORG day, we decided to take the pugs and the babe for a nice stroll. Gage was precious sporting his Osk Kosh that Honey got him. I know he's my child, so I must be biased, but this child is seriously beautiful and sweet as can be. We are so greatly blessed in so many ways. We are in love with our precious son. Enjoy a few recent pics.

Oh, and our Gage turned 3 months old on the 5th of March... he was 14 weeks old today. He takes about 6 full 6 oz bottles a day, sleeps straight for 6-8 hours a night, has started cereal, smiles all the times, has giggled several times, is starting to roll on his side, continues to make sweet sounds that get louder everyday, and much, much more.

We will be getting a great visit from Honey this week as she spends her Spring Break with us and cares for Gage. Then, in a week and a half, I am off to Roswell with Gage to spend time with Mawmaw and Pawpaw Mooney. Oh, I can't wait... mom hasn't seen Gage since he was 4 weeks and OH how he has changed!

As you can see below... we (or maybe just ME) have an obsession with sock monkeys... I love the pics of Gage telling me he's had ENOUGH pictures with the monkeys! :)


Wedding in Brady

Saturday we went to Brady, TX for the wedding of Brittany & Randy... Brittany is Big Daddy's cousins daughter. Fun times!


Little Longhorns...

This is Gage and Avery (her mom Rachel keeps Gage) snoozing during a Longhorn Basketball game several weeks ago.