Christmas with the Johnson's

Ryan flew to TX and we met him there to spend the few days he had away from work with his family. We had a great time and it flew by waaay too fast. But, we were thankful for the 4 days he DID have off and enjoyed every moment. Enjoy a few photos...

Christmas with the Mooney's

Gage and I flew to NM to spend Christmas with my family a week before Ryan came (b/c WKU had a couple games and Ryan had to stay). We had the most special time and were so thankful to spend that time with my family. Just wish Ryan was there. Here's a few shots...

We like SLEEP


12 months!!!

What Gage is up to:
-wearing size 3 diaper
-wearing size 4 shoe
-you wear 12-18 month tops and 12 month pants
-weighs 20 lbs 4 oz and is 29.5 inches tall
-you have 12 teeth!!!
-starting cow's milk
-still not standing or walking alone, but does with help
-saying "mamma" and "dadda"
-takes 2 naps a day- they are each at least 1.5 hours long
-sleeping from 7pm-7am
-took your first picture with Santa!
-you are a picky eater one day and a great eater the next! I never know what you'll eat!
-you continue to be THE happiest, sweetest boy, in the WORLD!
-they compliment you at daycare at how sweet of a little boy you are!
-you still LOVE the grocery store and any shopping with mommy
-you are totally in love with your daddy

Gage Matthew,
How did a year already fly by since you blessed us with your love? How did you grow so quickly from a little (or maybe big, 9 pounder) baby to a little boy!? Wait, how were you a 9 pound baby!? Ha! I still can't believe you were so big. I'll never forget that special moment with Daddy when we heard your cries for the first time. You've been nothing but a complete blessing and JOY from the moment we laid our eyes on you. You ARE the most handsome little guy I've ever seen. Sometimes you get a little shy around people, but are sure to give them a sweet smile before burying your head in my chest. Words can't express how very much we love you and how much you've richly blessed our lives. Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet Gage.


Lunch with Dada & visit to Santa

Today we met Ryan for lunch @ Chick-fil-a. Man, I NEVER get tired of that place. I LURV it. Really, I do. Those Fries, that Tea. Yum. No butts about it... ha! You'll see below.

After lunch Gage and I went to the mall for a quick pic with Santa. He actually did pretty well, but had a minor meltdown for about 2.5 seconds.