Week 13

This is my last week of the first trimester. Still hoping that this barfing situation is almost done. This past week or so has gone well--- still have be getting sick every morning when I wake up, but I am feeling better when I get to work and the rest of the morning. Unfortunately, today was terrible. It's 9pm and I am just not starting to feel better. I have been napping and barfing all day. Nice. Maybe the barfing is wanting to go out with a bang? I hope so...


Holy Cannoli, there's a baby in there!

Maybe we have a thinker... looks like Baby Johnson is scratching his/her head.
Flexible just like his/her mom! Trying to put that foot behind its head! Way to go Baby!

It's hard to believe that the baby was only 12 weeks when this sonogram was done. You wouldn't believe how much he/she grew in only 3 weeks. My last sonogram in Austin was at 9 weeks and it was still basically a little bean. But WOW look at em' grow! At the 12 week sonogram we were able to see: the four chambers of the heart, the fingers and toes, spine, eye sockets, nasal cavity, jaw, brain hemispheres, etc. Amazing. The technician said according to the myth, since Baby Johnson has a high heart rate, then it probably is a girl! Dad thinks we will be just as accurate if we flip a coin 10 times. I prefer hearing the myth. I've said from day one that I think it's a girl. All I have looked at is girl stuff. I would probably be pretty shocked if it turns out to be a boy. Of course we will be thrilled with a boy or a girl. As long as the baby is healthy and happy, we have no preference. But heck, girl stuff is much cuter!
Our trip to NM was fast and furious. We pulled into Roswell at 2am on Friday. Slept for several hours, went and got the sonogram, ate at Cecilio's, drove to Ruidoso to our cabin, went to dinner at Casa Blanca, slept, got our picture taken, and drove back to Roswell Saturday morning. Saturday we went to dinner with Meg and Josh and hung out at their house with Hogan (the amazing labradoodle). Sunday we mainly hung out and then went back to Meg & Josh's for tacos! AND we got to see Aspen, Chad and Marci--- yay!!!
The weekend was wonderful, but went by WAY too fast as usual. I hate leaving and saying good-bye to my parents. Being so far away is really hard and I don't think it gets any easier. It's just not fun.
Good news, and I say it quietly so it doesn't decide to play a trick on me..... but I think the nausea is starting to make its way out the door! YAY! Still barfing every morning, but after that, I am feeling much better early/mid morning.
All looks well and healthy with the baby. Thank you for your prayers, keep em' coming.


11 weeks and I'm over it

Well, so it hasn't been the best couple of days.

I reached my breaking point this morning. The gates opened and the tears began. I am so, so, so sick of barfing. I am sick of waking up and the first thing that runs through my mind is, "Toilet!" Not cool people, not cool. Never is it fun to carry a styrofoam cup in the elevator at work, just in case I have a barf between the car and the office. Sorry for the gory details, but today, after my 2nd barf (all before 7:30am) I looked in the toilet at my "barf" which mainly consists of the nasty stuff, bile. Well, let's just say there will be NO yellow in the baby's room. I am sick of seeing that color. Everytime I see that bright yellow, I think of my barf in the toilet that morning. Nice picture, isn't it?

Just got off the phone with Dad and he reminded me that, yes this part stinks, it really stinks, but there are so many people out there that can't even get pregnant. I am thankful that it was "easy" for us and things are going well. We are SO thankful. But, this still stinks right now and I'm still praying for December. I always thought pregnancy would be fun. I'd be skipping around saying, "Fa, la, la, la, la". Hummm, no. Not gonna happen. Not today, not tomorrow. I am just a ball of fun this week, aren't I? Due to my 6+ weeks of barfing, I haven't gained a single pound, maybe even lost a couple, but mainly maintained my weight. I hope I don't turn into an Ox come month 7 or 8.

Enough about me. The baby weighs a third an ounce... which is about two sugar packets. And he/she is about 2 inches long... as long one of those sugar packets! Vital organs have formed and are functioning. The nails beds are beginning to grow this week- crazy! Individual fingers and toes are forming this week too! Although we won't know the gender for several more weeks, ovaries or testes are formed. Interesting. Isn't it amazing what God can form INSIDE a woman's body?!

Next weekend we are off to NM for Memorial Weekend with the Mooney's. Super excited!!! I will be 12 weeks and will get a sonogram at my dad's office. I'll be sure to post the picture! Unfortunately, it will still be too early to tell the sex, but I am sure going to make them try!

Until next time, I'm praying this nausea is on it's way out the door...


Venting... Is it December 4th yet!!!???

I am just about sick and tired of all this barfing. I will be 11 weeks on Friday and people keep telling me it's almost over. Well, oh yeah people, you must not know me very well. Damn, I know it's true. I am going to be one of those people who barfs everyday until they give birth. Yup, that's me. Wonderful. Amazing.

As you can tell I'm a little ticked at the moment.

I keep telling people that this HAS to be a girl since it has been giving me so much grief.

I decided that my "nausea pills" don't do squat, so I being a doctor myself, I decided to take myself off of them. Same ole' schidoobee- sit up in bed, run to bathroom & barf, barf at least one more time at home, go to work and barf. I decided that this is just how my life is going to be. Full of barfs. I have toothpaste, a toothbrush and Scope at my desk. I'm sure my co-workers appreciate that one. The last couple days I've been thinking, "well Sara, maybe you aren't eating enough? B/c come lunch, you feel much better." So, this morning after my daily initial barf, I made some toast with Strawberry Jelly. I sat on the floor in front of the mirror in the guest bedroom and put on my make-up and ate my toast. Finished my make-up, took my last bite of toast and looked in the mirror with my toast filled cheeks and thought, "I'm about to see this toast again!" Ran to the bathroom and barfed. I told Ryan I'd rather barf up nothing than get bread lodged in my throat. I come to work and those damn elevator doors won't open fast enough! I swear if it has been 1 more second, I would have lost it. I ran to the bathroom and barfed for the third time, all by an amazing 7:52am. There's no nice way to put it people- I do NOT like being pregnant today. I hope that changes one day, one day SOON. I'm getting so annoyed that I want to go home, lay in bed and cry. Then I think, "Sara, get the hell over it. It's almost the end." (I hope)

That's my pity party of the day. Hope you enjoyed. I feel a little better.

Some great news: We will be moving to an apartment July 1st. Not enjoying the home we are renting- long story. We will be saving hundreds of dollars- which we will need for the baby. We got a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place with a fenced yard for the Pugs. I cannot wait to move! We are pretty excited. They have lots of amenities. Maybe I'll start "working out" at our gym once we move. Oh heck, I've been saying that for 5 years, good luck with that one. =)


Oh! Which one to pick???

And this is the story of a new life...literally.

On March 27th, I walked up to Ryan holding these two outfits. And this is how the story goes...
Sara said, "So, what's it going to be? UT or Texas Tech?!"
Ryan said, "For who? Melissa?" (Melissa is his cousin who is pregnant)
I said, "No Silly, for us!"
Ryan said, "Why!??"
Sara, "B/c I'm pregnant!"

It took Ryan a minute or two to snap back to reality and realize what I really was saying. Our little one is due December 4th, 2009. I am going on 10 weeks of pregnancy.... being super sick for the last 5+ weeks of it. People keep saying it will end soon, but I'm just not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Is it bad that I am ready for it to be over already? I told me dad already, "pregnancy is NOT glamorous!".

Ryan was able to go to our first appointment. We saw the tiny baby and heard the heartbeat. Amazing! Our family couldn't be more excited and neither could we. We have had SO many blessings this past year, and this just makes another one. When we went to Roswell mid-April, my mom, dad, brother and Ryan were all able to crowd in the sonogram room and hear the heartbeat again. It was awesome sharing that with my mom. My most recent visit to the doctor was last Thursday. Ryan had class and couldn't go... and he sure missed a lot! I saw our little olive flinging its arms around, like it was jogging... and then it turned over on its side. Amazing how at only 9 weeks you can see that. So week nine the baby is measuring about 1 inch and it the size of a medium green olive! We will be going to Roswell for Memorial Day weekend, so I will get another sonogram and the baby will about 12 weeks- can't wait to see how much he/she has grown! Our next "real" appointment will be mid-June. We probably won't be able to find out what it is until July or so- maybe even late June.

Well, we ask that you pray for us and a healthy pregnancy. We truly couldn't be more excited... I need to remind myself to stay excited even when my face is in the toilet, but heck that's a little hard.

1. NO, this wasn't a surprise, yet we weren't "trying". Whatever happened, happened.
2. YES, we want to find out if it's a HE or SHE.
3. Nope, you won't be getting the name out of us... it will be under lock and key until the baby arrives, so don't waste your breath asking what the name is! Ha.

We love you all.
Ryan & Sara